Physico-chemical characteristic of “Gajner Lake” in Arid Region of Rajasthan


  • chanchal kachhawa Government Engineering College Bikaner


BOD (Biological oxygen demand), COD (Chemical oxygen demand), DO (Dissolved oxygen)


The arid region of Rajasthan, constituting the Rajasthan desert, has very limited water resources, particularly lakes. Water, an indispensable component of an ecosystem, is a necessary resource for the sustainability of life on the earth. The freshwater bodies all over the arid region of Rajasthan are getting polluted, thus decreasing the
suitability of potable water. Bikaner forms an important part of the arid region of Rajasthan. Ponds present in and around Bikaner city and a few lakes of the district were the primary sources of drinking water in the past.“Gajner Lake” is an artificial lake situated in the Gajner village Bikaner at a distance of 32 km south-west of Bikaner
city. The analysis of water quality provides important data about the various changes caused by various biotic and abiotic factors during different seasons. The Present study deals with determining some physicochemical characteristics of water, viz. BOD, COD, DO, nitrate, sulphate and fluoride during the year 2016-2017. Significant
variations were observed during different seasons in these parameters.